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The Holidays are here and now is the best time to give gifts your loved ones will appreciate!  


Fire & Ice Body Treatment

6 Sessions, $540

A combination of thermo-active body treatments that heat up the body to make you sweat and loose inches while our cryotherapy body treatments provide a level of coldness that tightens the skin and reduces cellulite! This series requires that you follow a simple eating and workout plan. Support garments and waist trainers are permitted for improved results. 

Teeth whitening

1 treatment, $99 regular price $150

If you believe that you need to get your teeth professionally whitened at a dentist’s office with a whitening lamp to see real results, think again.  You can get the brightest, whitest smile you have ever seen, and you can do it here!  Our L.E.D. teeth whitening lights accelerate our carbamide peroxide gel to whiten teeth more efficiently and safely than any other methods available and they are just as effective as other, more expensive whitening methods you will see in many dentists’ offices. 

Fabulous Feet 

Clinical Pedicure $65

Pretty feet are more than polish and designs! Pretty feet are soft to the touch and hydrated.  That does not happen in one (1) basic pedicure.  Experience our clinical foot treatment that address the issues/concerns of the skin of your feet. Creating a brighter, smoother, softer skin. Our clinical pedicure is like no other. Its a chemical peel for the feet! 


1 session, $169

Jumpstart your skin and get it ready for the summer! Now is the time to work on your skin, so you're not depending on makeup this summer! Our Power Facial is Dermaplaning, Hydrofacial, and a customized Micropeel that is going to clear up blemishes, discoloration, and improve the signs of aging skin! 


Body Treatment

3 treatments | 30 minutes | $140

6 treatments | 30 minutes | $180

Burn up to 1000 calories,

Detox your body,

boost your immune system

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