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Hands & Feet

We all desire to have baby soft hands and feet! 

The Skin and Body Klinic offers a Hand and Foot Treatment like no other!

Experience a facial for the hands and feet where they will experience deep cleansing, exfoliation, treating massage, complete with a moisturizing mask.  


This is great for Women and Men

Stay on Trend with Fashion's latest colors for the season, add a color to your manicure or pedicure


Our Treatments are Different!


We offer Waterless Pedicures! Why?  Because it is the safest way to treat and improve the skin of the feet. Using this method, our Nail Technicians can better address problem areas (such as calluses and rough skin) that are not necessarily able to be seen when the feet are saturated. We treat your skin based on the symptoms with serums that focus on improving the skin! This is not your standard nail salon pedicure!

Your Feet will Thank You

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