It is an ancient natural practice also known as Yoni Steam.  A holistic health practice in which a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to gently permeate the exterior of her vagina that promotes healing and detoxification. 

Improve Menstrual Cycles

Heal the Womb

  Polyps, PCOS, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis


   Draws out toxins and clears congestion.  Help bring the body in balance where   

   imbalance can cause BV or frequent Yeast Infections

Improve Your Sex Life

   Increases circulation and increases             

   lubrication, which can help increase libido

An Ultimate State of Relaxation

   Focus on your own well-being and go inward.  Sit with yourself, allowing the gentle       

   herbs to permeate the body and release stuck material, experience a powerful release

   of stored emotions and stress as well. This self-care routine provides an excellent time

   to reflect, meditate, practice pranayama or write in a journal, bringing a profound 

   sense of relaxation and emotional well-being.

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