Wood Therapy & Body Cavitation

Body Contouring & the 

Non-Invasive Laser Lipo & Butt Lift

What is it? 

Wood Therapy is a technique that employs purposely shaped wood pieces to sculpt the body in desired areas, allowing the therapist to move and drain accumulated adipose tissue. 

This technique is a superior alternative to regular massage for individuals with disproportionate, localized pockets of stubborn fat and cellulite.

Wood therapy instruments intensify the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite, so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins thru the lymphatic system. 

Major Benefits

  1. Major Benefits: 

  2. ​Lymphatic drainage and elimination of adipose tissue

  3. Gradual relocation of adipose tissue to other areas to shape and sculpt the body

  4. Breakdown cellulite nodes

  5. Tones and tightens skin

  6. Reduces “Muffin Top” 

  7. Eliminates “Saddlebags” on the Thighs

  8. Chiseling the waist area

  9. Defines arms and legs

  10. Firms thighs and buttocks

Positive results will be visible after the first one-hour treatment. For more dramatic results it is suggested three treatments weekly. 

Microblading & Permanent Makeup

October 15-21

Microblading & Permanent Makeup

Are you tired of drawing on your brows? Are you tired of them being thin? Microblading or Brow Shading is a procedure that mimics hair strokes on the brow or gives the appearance of a filled in brow. The results last about 16-18 months and have a 6 weeks healing time.  A consultation is required and deposit upon booking an appointment.  

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