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Lift your Lashes!!!! Whiten Your Teeth

Ol' man winter is on his way out and warmth is upon us! With that in mind, that means more events! A few great ways to look your best are teeth whitening and lash lifting.

What is Lash lifting? It is perfect for women that have length in their lashes, but have to apply mascara to make them noticeable. This process perms the lashes and creates a curl and lift that lasts for up to 8 weeks! I also tint them black so there is no need for Mascara! Wake up perfect and ready to go.

Teeth whitening speaks for itself! Prom and wedding season are here so why not Shine Bright Like a Diamond. Tip...get your teeth cleaned at the Dentist first and I can guarantee 4-6 shades whiter!

Book your appointment ASAP, don't wait

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