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Handling COVID 19 

Updated: May 1, 2020

So we have all been placed in quarantine and I hope you are following those rules. While I knows it's going to be a struggle for some to be forced to stay inside, remember this to shall pass! Here are a few ways to manage being indoors...

1. Create a to do list with action dates

i.e. organize hall closet by Saturday,

clean out pantry and organize by Thursday

2. Create a daily schedule and tie in those items on the to do list as something to do each day.

i.e. 8am meditation or prayer (15 mins)

9am yoga

10:30am work on taxes

12 noon Lunch and Social media checkin

2pm go for a walk

3:30 some form of housework/chores

3. Read more

4. Take a class online about something your passionate about.

5. Video chat with friends and family

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