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It's a new year and the first few days have been quite interesting! While our government appears to be going through some things (wink wink, nod nod). We are looking forward to all the changes coming our way at the Skin and Body Klinic!

The Skin & Body Klinic is evolving into an Aesthetic Wellness Center. We have an amazing Family Doctor that will be working with us to bring you the treatment and services that will help you achieve optimal health that will really get you to loving what you see in the mirror!

So what else is new?

Post-Operative Suite We will be addressing the post surgical massage needs for

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery;

Oncology; and


Post care is sometimes what determine how well your surgery goes. If you are not getting the proper care after surgery your healing can be limited. Our team has the knowledge and training to make sure you have the sculpting you want, restoring you back feeling like "normal" and fuller range of motion.

Hands & Feet Membership. Enroll in our Hand & Feet Membership for $79/ month where your monthly membership dues are converted into spending credits (dollar for dollar) that can be used for nail services. Your membership will include member prices for services (which are cheaper). In addition to your services the membership includes a meditation experience during your pedicures, customized treatments for your hands and feet that can address the needs of



People that work standing on their feet

Fungus from other salon experiences

and more......

Stay Tuned for information

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