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ONCOLOGY Esthetics

Skin & Body Care 

What is it?

Oncology Esthetics involves advanced education designed to provide Estheticians with the knowledge of how to modify skincare/spa treatments to ensure a safe outcome for your skin if your battling cancer.  These treatments reduce some of the common side effects of cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation. 

The Skin & Body Klinic offers Oncology Esthetics & Massage for patients on this journey to being healthy and whole again.  Improve the skin's appearance, while decreasing pain, stress, and anxiety. We want to help you look and feel better.


Whether newly diagnosed or cancer survivor, we offer services that relax your mind, body, and spirit while maintaining the health and balance of your skin.


Thru proper skincare, we can help you restore and maintain a healthy complexion. We provide nurturing treatments that do not include synthetic fragrances, exfoliants or chemicals that will irritate your skin or your senses.

Prior to your initial treatment, we provide a complimentary 20 minutes consultation where we are able to review intake forms and what services you will be provided.  Please note, you must consult your oncologist and receive written permission to receive services


How are Oncology Esthetics treatments different to traditional spa treatments?

Oncology Esthetic treatments involve an in-depth analysis and understanding of your cancer journey.   We are trained to to identify and understand the long-term side effects of cancer  on the skin and how to provide treatment modifications that won't cause reactions that will further compromise already sensitized skin. 

We want our clients to be able to emotionally step away from the battle that is ahead of them daily and relax.  Physically, we want our clients to look in the mirror and see who they were before the battle began. 

We are going to take all aspects of a client's situation into consideration before determining the best treatment for your skin, such as the following:

  • Are you any rashes or irritations due to your treatments?

  • Any acne-like symptoms caused by medication?

  • Is there any neuropathy occurring, so we know about appropriate pressure and temperature?

  • Have you had any lymph nodes removed, so we know if and how we can offer massage during the treatment?

  • Do you have an active port? If so, we have to consider what quadrants of the body can receive massage services.  Also are there any specific draping requirements?




Massage Intake Form

        Oncology Facial, 60 minutes $95   
Designed for restoring and maintaining healthy skin with a soothing hand 
or   foot treatment. 



Oncology Massage 30 minutes $60   
60 minutes $90   

A treatment designed for those living with cancer. Our certified therapist will 
use     light to moderate pressure to help relieve stress, pain and fatigue while promoting increased circulation and creating a sense of well-being. 



Breast Reconstruction Areola Tattoo, Bilateral  $800    
Unilateral $400    

The final step in the breast reconstruction process is a medical tattoo that creates an areola that is often lost 
with reconstructive surgery.  

We Accept

Breast after radiation lost coloring

Areola Tattoo

Areola Tattooing

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