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Level I

Level II

Skin Treatments

55 mins | Starting at $90

Experience our Signature facial that will not only relax you, but will provide noticeable results.  Our Signature Facial includes a thorough 3 (three) level cleansing, exfoliation, skin analysis, massage and treatment mask.  This is where we are able to fully assess the needs of your skin and create a professional skin treatment and homecare regimen. Our standard facial is 55 minutes, however, longer facial times are customized and can include LED treatment, Microcurrent treatment, High Frequency and Eye & Lip Rejuvenation 

100 mins | Starting at $125

Our Level II Manual | Chemical Exfoliation includes Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Advanced Enzymes, and Chemical Peels.  These treatments include our express facial to prepare the skin for exfoliation.  Our Exfoliation treatments address a number of issues such as acne, aging, discoloration, excessive oiliness, fine lines, ingrown hairs, large pores and wrinkles. 

Signature Facial

Manual | Chemical Exfoliation 

Level IA

Advanced Facial

75 mins | Starting at $110

Our Advanced facial is where the work begins.  This treatment is a great way to jumpstart your skin. Treatment includes dermaplanning followed by a customized micro-peel that really jumpstarts the skin and recaptures the glow that you may not have seen in a while!

Best Results are gained when you do treatments in series of 3, 6, or 9 
The Skin and Body Klinic treats the skin from the perspective of changing the skin's behavior and our clients have achieved great results.  We do not have the ability to rely on prescription drugs, we rely on our knowledge and experience addressing various skin conditions. 

Celebrity Facial

120 mins | $250

Our Celebrity Facial is a one of a kind experience. This deeply hydrating and lifting treatment includes a tailored experience including an oxygen infusion and our premium 24k gold mask that lifts, brightens, and detoxifies the skin. Relax as your tension and stress is melted away with a full  facial massage including the face, neck, shoulder and head massage.

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