Our non-invasive Treatment targets stubborn cellulite and fat deposits. The best part is there is NO downtime so you can go back to regular life immediately. Our Vacuum assisted treatment is combined with several modalities to help increase the reduction and mobilization of stubburn cells with Cavitation, Wood Therapy, Radio Frequency.


Who can use this Treatment?

All Men & Women

  • Thin -Gives you complete firmness, shape your body and reduce some sizes

  • Losing Weight- Skin will reduce and tone at the same time.

  • Sagging skin- Tighten and need tone.

  • Postpartum-Get your Pre-baby body back


How many times/sessions do I need?
Intensive treatments of 3 applications per week, cutting 1-2 sizes on average depending on your body. We recommend 6 to 12 treatment as consistently as possible for maximum results and long lasting results
How long do the results last?
Results can last 6 month to a year. It has been reported that some who finished their 12 treatment series and went back a year later in the exact state after their treatment. So its definitely possible. You will need to do some lifestyle maintenance if you would like to see even more lasting results.  
Can I Come in to do Maintenance? YES


Wood Sculpting Series Prices
Packages must be paid in Advance

3 Pack.  $240
6 Pack   $480       
9 Pack   $720   

Add On Sculpt Areas to Enhance Your Treatment:
BUTT LIFT - $50 (20 min)

tone up, lift up and boost up  
NO JIGGLE ARMS $35 (15 min)

tone, tighten and shrink!

TOTAL BODY DETOX BODY WRAP + FAR Infrared Sauna Treatment

$75 (25 mins)

Raising the body’s internal temperature via far infrared rays, as well as the overall relaxing experience of sitting in the warm sauna, is known to increase detoxification, support weight loss, promote relaxation, lift energy levels, decrease joint stiffness, relieve muscle tension and reduce inflammation.            

Skin &

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