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Intimate Brightening


Lighten your intimate areas

Did you know, that most people have discoloration in their most intimate areas? It can be caused by weight gain, weight loss, hormonal fluctuation, pregnancy, just to name a few.  These areas where hyperpigmentation can be lightened with a series of lactic and mandelic acid based treatments that are painless.  You are required to use home care during your series of treatments.  

How do I start? You ask?

A consultation is required where we determine if you are a good candidate and your number of treatments will be determined. Once your care plan is established you are able to begin.  We ask that you come to your appointment in loose fit clothing so that you are as comfortable as possible.  


Our treatments do not require downtime, however, we do recommend to avoid exercise or any laser treatments same day.  Your Esthetician will provide you with any additional instructions at the time of service.  

Areas to treat






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