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Our Signature Facial Level III includes our advanced treatment of Collagen Induction Therapy. This treatment forces the skin to create new collagen and skin tissue that creates a smoother, firmer, brighter, more toned skin.  This treatment is also great for correcting stretch marks, scars and alopecia. 

Who can benefit from this treatment?  So many people can benefit.  Men and Women of all ethnicities can utilize this treatment to really get the change they want to see, especially if they do not want to consider injectables. 

It is recommended that you do a minimum of three (3) treatments within 90 days for the benefits to take a permanent like effect.  

What sets the Skin and Body Klinic apart from others with Microneedling? Our Head Esthetician is a DERMAPEN Educator so she has a very thorough understanding of the process and its capabilities. She teaches medical professionals and other skincare professionals how to incorporate it in their practice, so you're in good hands!

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