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Beauty Bar

Do you have a special event or just want to Learn Tips & Tricks? Check out our Beauty Bar featuring SBK COSMETICS.  This makeup line was created from a global beauty perspective.  As a professional Makeup Artist, Tiffany "Torrence Forde" has applied makeup to skin tones as light as porcelain to the deep espresso bean knowing that this could not be achieved by the average woman in the current market of makeup.


SBK COSMETICS offers a full range of products for the everyday woman that wants to look like her best self.  Torrence Forde said, " I have created makeup for beautiful women not the other way around.  I want my clients to look like their best self, not someone else".  


With the philosophy and belief that Makeup is meant to enhance when worn on a daily basis, SBK Cosmetics does just that....ENHANCE!!! A richly pigmented, what color you see in the container is the color you get on the skin product that is gaining attention in the cosmetics world!  

Looking for makeup with your skin in mind? Come in for a consultation and try something new, something better! 

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